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Global Password Reset

As of Nov. 29th, all account passwords have been reset. Emails containing new passwords have been dispatched to members who had email addresses associated with their accounts. If you did not have an email address on your account, but have made a PayPal donation, then the email was sent to your PayPal email address. Be sure to check your spam folder for this email. If you gave us no other way to contact you, a verification system will be created a bit later, to (hopefully) get you back on the site. :)

So far, a total of 1,911 passwords have been sent to members (out of 10,620 members).

Limited Account Memberships

If you have a Limited Account membership on YTE, your password will be emailed to you soon. However, Limited Accounts no longer have access to the site, unless they upgrade their account. (Which can only be done once you've received an email from us.)