Update: YTE Offline now available - see below.

For the last six months or so, our website was being hosted for free by Barry Schulman of GCE Hosting, (username 'cyberhost'), until some point when Barry decided he no longer wished to host the site. Unfortunately, when Barry closed YTE's hosting account, he decided to take it upon himself to "keep" the website data, including all usernames and passwords. When YTE reopened, Barry used this database information to log in to random YTE accounts and delete them and/or change their passwords. This happened not as a fault of the website, but in me trusting the wrong person to host the site. Barry broke the first two rules in running a webhosting service: no matter how much you dislike a person, you don't take it out on its members, and you don't steal your clients' website information.

As a result of Barry's immoralities, the site will have to once again go into a short hiatus. During that time, all accounts that he deleted will be restored, some changes to the site will be made, and all account passwords will be scrambled and emailed to you manually, either to the email address on your account (providing you had listed one on your account at the time I moved the site), or to an email address you used to make a donation. This validation process is necessary to make sure that Barry does not attempt to steal your account information a second time.

While the site is down, I've provided to our members an "offline" version of YTE. This is given in the form of a .ZIP file containing .HTML files that contain listings of TV shows and movies that are currently in our database. When this file is unzipped to a folder, you'll be able to browse the TV/Movie database without the use of the YTE website. Of course, there is no search capability, and browsing features are limited, but you're still able to watch your favorite TV shows while the site gets renovated. This .ZIP file is made available to everyone, members and non-members alike.

Download YTE Offline Content Directory: yte_offline.zip (10.9M)